vb, n
(to indulge in) alcoholic drink.
The noun form, from the rum and hot water served in the British navy since the 18th century, can now refer to any strong drink, or even beer. It is generally heard among middle-aged speakers. The verb 'to grog / grog up' (in
Australian English to 'grog on') is rarer and restricted mainly to a younger age group. It implies heavy and constant imbibing. 'Old Grog' (from the grogram, or silk and wool cloak he wore) was the nickname of Admiral Vernon who aroused his sailors by ordering the dilution of their rum ration in 1740.
► 'Not realizing one's dependence on the grog is where the wheels touch the road, eh?'
('Edmund Heep' in a cartoon by Posy Simmonds, Guardian, 1979)
to spit. The term is heard particularly in the Scottish Lowlands and the north of England.

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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